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    There's no special 'talent" or "gift" needed. Lots of people just like you have become successful. You already have what it takes, all that you need is Chuck's guidance and encouragement.

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    The lessons are short and specific. Each lesson teaches you a new skill that you can start using right away. The lessons also build on each other to make you successful!

Course curriculum

  • 01


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    • How to get results in record time
  • 02

    How to get 90% there fast

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    • The #1 mistake
    • Kill this before it kills your business
    • Get this right or be poor
    • How to avoid the trap almost everyone falls in
    • A crazy idea
    • What do you think?
  • 03

    The key to your success

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    • How to make it happen quickly
    • No one but you will know this
    • Follow these simple steps and win
    • How to get people on your side
    • With this one thing, everyone will like and respect you
  • 04

    Step by step success

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    • What to say first
    • This one cheap thing will get you business without even trying
    • If you can count to five, you can do this proven technique
    • How to get to the gold
    • If you do this one thing, you'll keep all the prospects to yourself
    • Face to face success
    • How to know for sure what they want
    • No has more than one definition
    • Listen to Bob
    • It costs how much!?
    • The AEIOU Method
    • They say this, you say that
    • How to have a free sales force
    • Email is alive and well
    • Giving the Images to the Client
  • 05

    What to say when they object

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    • Knowing what to say will save the day
    • I Can't Afford It
    • Just Give Me the Price
    • I Want a Discount
    • I Need to Think About It
    • It's Too Expensive
    • Someone Else Will Do It Cheaper
  • 06

    Ways to make money as a photographer

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    • The Portrait Market
    • The Editorial Market
    • The Commercial Market
    • The Real Estate Market
    • The Fine Art Market
  • 07

    Photography is my business and business is good

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    • How to get down to business
    • Knowing who will pay
    • How to know how much to charge
    • Break Even Analysis Slides PDF
    • Break Even Analysis PDF
    • The Daily Action Checklist
    • Daily Action Checklist PDF
    • Monthly Action Checklist Totals PDF
    • Monthly Action Goals PDF
    • How to Stay In Touch - Database Segmentation
    • Business Tracker Spreadsheet - Mac Numbers
    • Business Tracker Spreadsheet - Microsoft Excel
    • Simplifying the Business System
    • Having a Real Business
  • 08

    The Interviews

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    • Introduction to the Interviews
    • Be Genuine
    • It's Your Choice
    • Change Your Mind
    • At The Edge of Fear
    • Each Small Step Adds Up

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