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“I have to say it’s very rare that I find value in watching real estate trainings and such but I found several pieces of nuggets from watching the video. Normally we get 25+ referrals from other agents a year. And almost all of them close so the nuggets I gained from the videos should increase that. ”

Success Coach

Liam Pierce

“I greatly appreciated the How to Get Agent Referrals class Chuck has. He did an excellent job of breaking down each step of the process and made it easy to understand. I am a visual learner so I loved that he provided some resource pages I could print out and showed how the referral website he and Pat use looks, and works. I'm excited to put the tips and tricks provided to use. Thanks again for a great class,”

REALTOR® • Broker/Owner

Maryann Spady

“Loved this class! Extremely useful and informative. Additional way to build lasting relationships, and the bonus is an additional stream of revenue. Win-win for you and your clients. Thank you for doing this and sharing this knowledge with us! I will be implementing this in my business as well as sharing this great information with my agents!”

REALTOR® • Broker / Owner

Dezarrea Kindle, MBA

Start getting referrals who WANT to work with you!

Stop wasting time on leads that go nowhere

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