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  • More time and money wasted

    When a prospect gets away it wastes your two biggest resources - your time and your money.

  • Fix this or else

    Your time and money are limited. If you run out, you're out of business.

  • Fixing it is easier than you think

    Use these simple lessons to prepare yourself for all the common objections. Being prepared pays!

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Intro to Common Objections

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    • Intro
  • 02

    I Can't Afford It

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    • I Can't Afford It
  • 03

    Just Tell Me How Much

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    • Just Tell Me How Much
  • 04

    I Want a Discount

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    • I Want a Discount
    • Practice objections
  • 05

    I Need to Think About It

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    • I Need to Think About It
  • 06

    It's Too Expensive

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    • It's Too Expensive
  • 07

    Someone Else Is Cheaper

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    • Someone Else Is Cheaper
    • More practice objections

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